About Us

About the Company: Our core values here at Wadeline Products are Honesty, Integrity, and Dedication to our customers. We established our business in 2008 to begin manufacturing and distributing our uniquely designed and patented product the Bucket Station.
About the Inventor: My name is Wade Haney and I spent over forty years working around Aerial Work Platforms (Awp's). Many times I struggled with finding a safe and readily place to keep tools, and materials while working aboard (AWP's). Typically makeshift tool trays and 5 gal. buckets were hung onto the guardrail system to help remedy the problem. I will never forget the day when the idea crossed my mind to combine both of them together into one revolutionary product called the Bucket Station.
 Soon, I began developing prototypes and realized my product is one of the most needful accessories item ever created for Aerial Work Platforms.